Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Date or Not to Date

This is funny...I'm actually attempting to journal via blog my experiences in my love of love. Meaning...I am a Matchmaker who is currently single although I would love to meet my Mr. Right. But until I do...I can live vicariously through others by helping people to meet each other. In the process, I hope to impart some knowledge that I have learned about life, love, relationships to others and maybe find a better understanding of myself. Its preparation for me. Someone who was close to me used to say, "Life is a Journey" -an overused cliche true-but I truly never understood until I started to live in the present and experience the journey of life in the present.  

So for the first time in 3 years...2009 was a summer of freedom. It was rebirth. It was joyous. It was full of vitality and fun-after the last two summers of being miserable in a relationship that I had committed myself too...although he wasn't committed to me. It was truly an eye-opener into just how miserable I had been, when I realized this summer was the best, most happy summer I had since before my "relationship" I finally gained some new perspective...you didn't lose anything D...but you have gained your self. I learned a bit, but its time to focus now....I'm working on matching dynamic men and women together-I'm going to concentrate on them for awhile....because although its been fun and joyous...it's ben a distraction and I daresay a bit draining for me. As much as I love love, I love being in love and i truly love Men and having the attention of men, its just more than I can take at the moment.

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